I have been in church since before my earliest memories.  When I was younger, there were times that I resented being dragged to church so often.  As I have aged, I have become increasingly grateful for this heritage.  Though honestly, I think a little less time at church would probably not have harmed me.

I am the son of a son of a minister.  I, however, am not one.  I am a layman.  I have heard some clergy refer to laypeople as “only a layman” or “onlyDSCN1142-2 a laywoman.”  Shame on them!  The church laity plays just as significant a role in the Church as the clergy (1 Corinthians 12:22-26).  We, too, have been called by God to our vocations.  We, too, are invited to carry out the Great Commission.  We, too, are called to minister to widows and orphans.  We, too, can, should, and will speak truth in love.  Thus, the tagline of this blog:  “Observations of a layman.”

I am a Christian.  I believe in Biblical inerrancy.  I struggle with sin.  I lean heavily on God’s grace.  I am a husband.  I am a father.  I am a lawyer.  I am an engineer.  I am a military veteran.  I am an introvert.  I am a political conservative.  I have led a men’s ministry within a local church.  I served church boards.  I have known success.  I have known failure.  I enjoy running.  I enjoy playing golf.  I enjoy playing softball.  I believe that baseball is the greatest sport ever invented.  I believe golf is the most challenging sport ever invented.

As a Christian, husband, father, lawyer, engineer, veteran, conservative, ministry leader, and sports enthusiast, I will opine on this blog about a lot of different topics.

I do not know everything, but rest assured I have opinions about a lot of things.

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