The Silence of the Lambs

“We all, like sheep, have gone astray,
each of us has turned to our own way.”
(Isaiah 53:6, NIV)

I have refrained from writing about certain social, or what some may see as political, topics. That, in part, is because people (myself included) can get very emotional about such issues. Indeed, I suspect that I am going to get verbally pummeled by some who read this post. I may even be called (or thought of as) ignorant, intolerant, insensitive, or misogynistic. That’s okay. I can take it. But what I cannot take is what we now know goes on behind closed doors at many Planned Parenthood facilities. These recent revelations have shocked, appalled, disgusted, angered, and saddened me – to the point where I can no longer keep silent.

It is not only the actions of Planned Parenthood that has appalled me. It is the reaction of the many people (granted, not all) who support abortion. Their reaction, for the most part, has either been complete silence or deflection. I shouldn’t be surprised by this reaction, or lack thereof. After all, like sheep – nee lambs – they pledge undying allegiance to the holy grail of abortion. They refuse to even consider the consequences that so many abortion critics warned were inevitable. Well, those consequences have come to roost.  We have the video evidence.

A doctor coldly and casually discusses how an unborn human body can be crushed, using forceps, while keeping “valuable organs” intact. All to the din of crunching salad and clinking wine glasses. That’s not just gruesome, it’s ghastly. Yet, the lambs remain silent.

In the context of setting prices for body parts, a Planned Parenthood official jokingly states, “I need a Lamborghini.” Yeah, real funny! Does she even realize how tasteless and ghoulish that is? I think not. And still, not a bleat from the lambs.

Yet another Planned Parenthood official bragging that “[i]f we alter our process, and we are able to obtain intact fetal cadavers, then we can make it part of the budget.” Oh, how delightful. Illegally changing abortion procedures so that unborn children can be harvested intact, and their parts budgeted as line items. I am sorry, but that is not just tasteless and ghoulish, it’s sick.

Oh, wait. The lambs do make noise – when a dentist kills a lion. The outrage, the shame, the disgust! It’s utterly barbaric what he did. Let’s hunt him down like he did that animal. How could he treat innocent life that way? Well, animal life. When it comes to human life, the lambs remain silent. Defending wildlife, after all, is a comforting deflection.

And some lambs bleat nonsensical accusations of fraud and deception. This is the fallback tact of the feckless. Ignore the facts in the message, and instead attack the messenger. What’s wrong here, they contend, is that a dastardly, extreme, anti-woman organization came in and secretly video recorded. Appalling! Yet, not a single person has denied the facts presented in the videos – that Planned Parenthood has, does, and will sell “fetal tissue” (their euphemism for aborted human organs). After all, if it’s not doing it for profit, then it’s completely legal. And so, when it comes to inconvenient facts, silence is much more convenient.

Some even bleat rationalizations. After all, it’s done in the name of scientific research. Don’t you know that science trumps life? No, actually, I didn’t.

Look, anyone who knows me knows that I am pro-life. I never have and never will believe that abortion is a fundamental right guaranteed by our Constitution. And so, it should come as no surprise that I am also not in favor of the unbridled sale of aborted human organs – for any purpose. But what surprises me is the complete lack of even a thoughtful pause from the pro-abortion camp. I mean, regardless of your position on abortion, are you not even remotely disturbed by the practice of altering abortion processes to obtain “intact fetal cadavers” to meet market demand? Even if there is a law that protects this practice (and I’m still unsure there is), does not the buying and selling of human body parts move your moral compass at all?

I weep for our country. I am disturbed by the moral laxity and, in my opinion, the moral depravity I have seen unfold in my lifetime. But I also have peace, joy, and above all, hope. Because of the grace that God bestows, and which was prophesied about in the remainder of Isaiah 53:6, which says, “and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all.”

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