You’re Such a Mother!

Happy Mother’s Day, mom. This is 2 years old, but the sentiments remain the same.

Paul Amrozowicz

Mothers. Where in the world would we be without them? The obvious answer to this rhetorical question is, of course, that we wouldn’t even be without them. But this obvious answer presupposes a reference to childbearing, which would be incorrect. Being a mother involves more than the act of childbearing. Most healthy females can perform this act. The more difficult act is child rearing. That is, being a mother.

A mother is (or should be) the greatest female influence in every child’s life. A child’s perception of what it means to be a woman, a wife, and a mother are (or should be) shaped by their own mother. That is a daunting responsibility. Some women aren’t up to the task. Thankfully, my mother was.

My mother was, and continues to be, a great mother. She exemplifies what it takes to be a great mother. She does so in many ways…

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